Case: Create a brand for health food stores and coffee bars

Naming and identity for eco-shops and coffee bars Ivan Lovekin

A Moscow chain of small shops selling organic products turned to our agency to build a new brand. We’ve created a bright and memorable name, a beautiful logo and many design elements that will be useful for the company in the future, including in their second line of business – take-away coffee.

The basis of the brand name and logo is a character made by the studio, a friendly and generous young owner, modern and active farmer. We tried to give the name additional meaning, to make the name of our character speak for itself. In addition, we hid a phonetic secret in the name, which is reflected in the logo #onelove.


First of all, we started our work with coffee because the coffee direction was new for the existing business. Our studio created a logo, elements of identity and many conceptual directions that can be used to scale the business.

The pattern: a fundamental element of space

The pattern, at first glance, is made up of circles. However, at a closer look you will see it's made of squares.

Kiosk design

At the beginning of the project, the company decided to start with the opening of small points of sale in the popular coffee cup kiosk format.

We were faced with a task of makeing a non-trivial and fresh design. We decorated drinking glasses by covering them with the corporate color and pattern, and placed several logos.

In addition, we developed a lightbox sign, which is clearly visible from afar at night or in the early mornings. Inside the kiosks, there are plenty of little but very important things that required branding.

The corporate identity of a dynamically growing company is not a set of strict rules, but rather a pursuit for something new. We tried to envision as many scenarios of the brands growth path as possible.

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