ICO Landing page and whitepaper


Certified Diamond Coin ICO landing page

CDC website design
The main task of landing page is to familiarize potential investors with ICO and to inform them about important features of the new project.
First Screen

Cdiamondcoin OU team has developed a hybrid solution to improve the transparency and reliability of the diamond market, as well as a solution for the cryptocurrency market, offering a stable cryptocurrency backed by diamonds.

Landing has some tiny interactive details which allows to show token basic advantages

Ful HD
CDC website design
CDC website design
Smart Contract

The important details are presented in an understandable and clear manner.

We created not only a graphic layout, but also animated it so that each element of the page was dynamic and impressive.

After Effects
Color Scheme
Basic Gradient
Rose Ironstone
Text and dark elements
Black Russian
Text and buttons
White Smoke


like a plan

Interactive roadmap
CDC website design
1024 Tablet
640 Mobile
CDC website design
CDC website design

Every ICO has it’s own whitepaper. We have created simple yet stylish document with all the important information about the project



Throughout the project, BSagency has been paying due attention to our needs and we have been pleasantly surprised by the timing of the work and the excellent, creative approach that has permeated the entire project process. Thank you for the excellent design!

CDC website design
Igor Nikitin
cdiamondcoin CEO

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